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Pacific Rim Coalition Webinar

Katie Ashby-Koppens is joined by Drs Meryl Nass, Pierre Kory, Paul Marik and Dr WaiChing to discuss the WHO’s attempt to snatch power to take health decisions away from our countries.

The WHO’s two pandemic treaties are due to be voted on in May 2024.

Drs Pierre and Paul discuss the impacts of WHO’s recommendations during the Covid-19 era, while Dr Meryl and Katie discuss what the WHO’s proposing under its new pandemic treaties it’s busily working on and what you can do about it. Dr WaiChing representing World Council for Health tells us about their organisation and about the Pacific Rim collaboration with Voices For Freedom and Aligned Council of Australia.


AIM: Awaken India Movement

#StopCBDC #NoToCBDC #CashIsKing


Honorable Representative S. Dan Fernandez has filed House Resolution 1490 expressing urgency and urging the Philippines Government to reject the WHO IHRs