Legal Actions Taken by Groups and Individuals Around the World

The WHO’s Pandemic Lawmaking – Negotiations of International Concern

October 2023

Global Health Responsibility, Silvia Behrendt

This document aims to thoroughly inform and open a transparent debate in WHO member states about the planned reforms and their wider implications. To this end, it attempts to give a detailed but easy-to-understand description of the eight most important building blocks of the envisaged reforms and their likely far-reaching implications for human health and the enjoyment of human rights world- wide.


European Medicines Agency response letter to letter of October 4, 2023 calling for suspension of Marketing Authorizations for Covid Vaccines


Legal Review and Analysis of proposed Pandemic Treaty and amendments to the International Health Regulations

Morten Walløe Tvedt


Article from a legal firm giving an opinion on the WHO proposed Pandemic Treaty and IHR amendments from the point of view of Slovakia.


Interpellation to Minister of Social Affairs

Elsa Widding. November 14 2023

Interpellation to Minister of Justice

Elsa Widding. November 14 2023

Interpellation to Health Minister

Elsa Widding

Elsa Widding

Debate: The Position of Human Rights

November 24 2023