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This must be stopped.
Australia must EXIT the W.H.O.

Here it is in a nutshell. Listen to this 1 minute summation by AEW lead researcher, Karen Fox



FBF har den 23. november 2023 sendt et åbent brev til den danske regering, ved Statsminister Mette Frederiksen, med krav om afvisning af WHO’s vedtagne ændringsforslag, til International Health Regulation (IHR) fra maj 2022 senest den 27. november 2023

On 23 November 2023, the FBF sent an open letter to the Danish government, through Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, demanding rejection of the WHO’s adopted amendment proposal to the International Health Regulation (IHR) from May 2022
no later than 27 November 2023


Estonian Parliament Members Reject 2022 WHO IHR Amendments

11 Members of the Estonian Parliament sent a letter to the WHO Director-General on November 22nd as notification of Estonia’s rejection of the International Health Regulation (2005) Amendments.

Read More (Estonian)


La conférence aura lieu 1100 Chaussée de Wavre, 1160 Auderghem, le 24 novembre 2023 à 19h00.

PAF: 10€ sur place – Inscription sur

The WHO Coup! Le Traité Pandémie, une menace pour la démocratie ?

Nous avons le grand plaisir de vous inviter à la conférence The WHO coup ! Le Traité Pandémie, une menace pour la démocratie ?

Va-t-on laisser l’OMS décider des futurs confinements, des vaccinations forcées et des intrusions dans nos domiciles ?

Ce vendredi 24 novembre à 19 heures, nous avons l’honneur de recevoir le Dr. Meryl Nass, médecin et experte en anthrax, bioterrorisme et armes biologiques, ainsi que la journaliste Senta Depuydt, spécialiste de l’agenda 2030.
Un évènement à ne pas manquer !


Save Our Sovereignty

4th December UK Parliament: Lobby your MP

Letter templates to lobby your MP’s to attend the UK Parliament meeting on the 4th December at which doctors and analysts will give expert testimony on the pandemic and its consequences.

Middle east

Israel: Exit the World Health Organization

World Health Organization promotes amendment of the International Health Regulations and creates international “Pandemic Treaty”

ישראל יוצאת מארגון

הבריאות העולמי

ארגון הבריאות העולמי 
מקדם תיקון של תקנות הבריאות העולמיות
ומייסד ״אמנת מגיפות״ בינלאומית

New Zealand

United States

Stand for Health Freedom

The WHO can’t tell the states what to do.

Sovereignty Coalition

Sign “The American Sovereignty Declaration” and send a letter to your Congressional representatives asking that the USA exit the WHO. We make it simple, just “take action.”



South America

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!