It has only been six months since the ICS3 in the European Parliament, however, new revelations have come to light at warp speed. What were once labeled ‘Conspiracy Theories’ are now facts that are openly discussed and accepted as truths. The same details that were constantly categorized as ‘fake news’ are now being broadcast as crucial ‘newly discovered’ findings, often by the same reporters that condemned these truths throughout the pandemic. Data that was viciously censored is now being reported as ‘new ground-breaking information’.
Throughout the pandemic a group of informed and brave professionals fought relentlessly to expose these truths – often losing everything in pursuit of veracity to protect our freedoms. Many of these fearless professionals will unite for the ICS4 in Bucharest, Romania where the population still remembers what it is like to live without freedoms. It is because of their history that many Romanians were able to recognize the violation of human rights that occurred during the pandemic faster and more deeply than the rest of the free world. They banded together and were not swayed by the coercion and restrictions forced upon them. The ICS4 will bring current data, statistics, and information to Bucharest, Romania, and draw inspiration and knowledge from a country that fought tirelessly for decades against injustice, censorship, and the restriction of human rights…and won. By virtue of their history, Romanians know very well the value of their freedom and quickly recognized the signs when it was being taken away.
It is our belief that by merging current data from the Professionals with the knowledge and experience of Romanians we will create the ideal platform to foster solutions and launch incentives to ensure that we maintain our rights and freedoms. We will discuss strategies to move forward and ensure that we never again fall victim to fear, threats, and misinformation. It is a true honour for the ICS team to be invited to The Palace of The Parliament in Bucharest, Romania to share information and learn from the experiences of this amazing Country.

Presentations and Pressconference

Pressconference | ICS 4 November 20, 2023