Materials for November 9th 2023 Meeting

What is the deadline to reject the amendments?

This PDF explains the difference between the 2022 amendments and the current 300+ proposed amendments.

The 2022 amendments must be rejected by end of November 2023.

Taking a Good Look at Pandemic Preparedness

November 13th 2023

The Great Taking:

When the Derivatives Bubble Bursts, A “Protected Class” of Secured Creditors Will Take All Collateral

Why is Everyone Concerned About the WHO?

This is the 2-page summary to print, memorize, and share with your friends.

  • How do these changes become international law?
  • What are the specific problems with the proposed Amendments?
  • Why are we concerned about the proposed Pandemic Treaty?

Presentation from Educational Breakfast Briefing

Timeline and Deadlines

This PDF from Stand for Health Freedom explains:

  • deadlines for rejecting IHR amendments
  • meetings for drafting sessions
  • expected releases of proposed drafts
  • votes at the World Health Assembly
  • deadlines for amendments and treaty to come into force