Amendments have been proposed to the EU Treaty.

Some of these amendments include language similar to the language we are concerned about in the WHO proposed IHR amendments and proposed Pandemic Treaty. The draft Pandemic Treaty would require nations to enact domestic legislation to comply with WHO’s policies, including the use of unlicensed drugs and vaccines (Article 14, Regulatory Strengthening).

Original source: Restitutor Orbis

Read: Future of the EU: Parliament’s proposals to amend the Treaties

Draft: Proposed EU Treaty Amendments


Amendments of Concern:

Amendment 26 removes term limits.

Amendment 52 establishes an EU Defence Union (a military force?)

Amendment 70 brings in One Health

Amendments 149, 150, and 151 bring in several of the issues from the WHO proposed pandemic treaty and IHR amendments, including open-source sharing of biological weapons “coordinating access to… rare diseases”