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Other Actions

Luis Maria Pardo, President Iustitia Europa, Strasbourg, 12 December 2023

Bericht van Marcel de Graaf Europarlementariër bespreekt de sommatie en geeft aan dat ook de EMA is gesommeerd.
Volgende week bespreken Willem en Marcel met een aantal andere Europarlementariërs de opties om de injecties van de Europese markt te weren.

Roundtable discussion on the EMA’s shocking Covid vaccination revelations

Press Conference following the letter from the EMA

European Citizens

European Citizens’ Initiative

European Union CitizeEuropean Union Citizens’ Initiativens’ Initiative
One million signatures are needed for an upcoming EU Citizens’ Initiative in the 27 nations of the European Union. NOW is the time to organize. Signature collection begins 28 November 2023.

Collecting Signatures (Bulgaria)

Door to Freedom was initially supportive of the European Citizens’ Initiative. However, we have investigated it thoroughly and can no longer offer our support. There are many reasons why.

First, it is being misrepresented by some of its supporters, who claim it will impose binding requirements on the European government. It does no such thing.

Second, some supporters claim that it still has the support of people who actually left the ECI project.

Third, we have reviewed the petition ourselves and discussed it with 3 very knowledgeable attorneys, and concluded that the language is highly aspirational, but lacking in specifics. Thus there is no clear message to lawmakers, and it is not written in a way that it can be easily translated into laws. Lawmakers seek very clear “asks” and this document does not have them.

Fourth, it is excessively long, such that most people and elected officials are unlikely to even read it.

We have therefore concluded that while the document might have some educational value, it also gives European citizens false hope that it will be a legal catalyst for change. And it may waste their energy.

We want those engaged in this ECI petition to do so with open eyes.