A candlelight vigil will take place in Stockholm on December 10th when the official ceremony takes place. Other vigils are being organized globally and we encourage you to hold one, or mark this occasion at home.

Call to action! Global Nobel Prize Protest | December 10, 2023

The Swedish organisations – Doctors’ Appeal, Nurses’ Appeal and the Human Rights and Democracy Party MoD have launched a global petition: Nobel Prize Protest. All citizens of the world are invited to sign the petition.

The petition was created to protest against the award of this year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine to two scientists who made it possible to use mRNA technology to produce COVID-19 vaccines. Based on a study of vaccination rates and mortality in 17 countries in the southern hemisphere, an estimated 17 million people have died due to adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines, the vast majority of which are based on mRNA. To honour two scientists who made mRNA vaccines possible with the Nobel Prize is a deep affront of all those who have died or been seriously injured by these products. It resonates with previous awards for same prize for DDT (1948) and to the inventor of the lobotomy (1949).

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