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“Governments have done an end-run around democratic processes by framing everything in terms of public health. This is really a stroke of evil genius, because basically any political stance can now be deemed unacceptable by the authorities, and then pathologized and turned into a health issue.”

from ICENI, July Roundup

BARDA Subverts Licensed Regulated Pharmacy Distribution for Covid Countermeasures and 70+ Other Products

I have a video recording from a public seminar from November 2022 where BARDA employee Tremel Faison brags that BARDA accepted and QA-ed all covid “vaccine” doses in the US.  
I thought it was very strange, given that this is technically the FDA’s job, and we were told the product was “fully approved” and managed under proper pharmaceutical (normal civilian) regulatory framework.

Summary of Everything and Quick Links

Overall characterization of what is going on: the federal and most of the state governments are gone and captured. Whatever is running the federal gov agencies (e.g. HHS) really intends to kill you, or at least substantially injure you, damage your reproductive capacity and repossess your assets in the process. The aim is to reduce the population and terrorize the survivors enough to establish a totalitarian control over much of the world’s territory. Nobody is coming to save you, your survival and that of your children is in your hands only. Do not comply.

Dutch Farmers Revolt Against Globalist Food Control That Leaves People Poorer And Hungrier

The stunning political win of the Farmer-Citizen Movement in recent provincial elections in the Netherlands was a populist backlash against ambitious environmental initiatives to eliminate thousands of law-abiding, multi-generational farmers to reduce nitrogen and other alleged pollutants. A similar clamor of farmers in Belgium recently blocked the streets of Brussels with 2,700 tractors. Environmental policies that measure nitrogen and carbon but ignore future food supplies are reckless


Are Humans Really Causing Climate Change?

The climate police insist that “the science is settled.” Any disagreement with their position is censored. Of course, these people aren’t real scientists. Real scientists are skeptical. They know that science is never “the truth.” Instead, it’s a method to construct ever-improving approximations that allow ever-improving computations of observable phenomena. The only thing you can “prove” about a theory is that it’s false, or that a better one produces more accurate results. Ask the ghosts of Newton and Einstein. Especially for (most) academic scientists, proving that “science” is NOT settled might earn a Nobel Prize. Even a book or journal article about it puts a feather in their cap.

Exposing the Climate Racket: The Latest IPCC Report

The entire world appears enthralled with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and its periodic edicts. The pretension is that this is a “scientific” organization employing scientific methodology to forecast risks of global warming. It isn’t.
Reviewing the latest IPCC Report, one is struck by how far-ranging this global Panel now ventures—into “social sciences,” economics, politics, and (of course) social justice. Notable is the wide range of supposed disciplines brought to bear on the single issue of greenhouse gasses, while other contributing causes of environmental harm—especially chemical pollution—are comprehensively sidestepped.

The case for cows

Climate cultists have strayed far from science in their crusade to “save the world.”  The latest speculation is that wolves and beavers, and the “rewilding” of parts of the planet, will sequester carbon dioxide.  Common sense demonstrates that exponentially more carbon would be sequestered — and water and soil preserved — by releasing cows from Concentrated Animal Feed Operations and “rewilding” them to managed rotational grazing.

Carbon Tax Credits: Selling Indulgences to Polluting Corporations

Carbon tax credits are nothing more than modern-day indulgences issued for money by government regulators. There is no “incentive” when a polluter buys a tract of forest to “offset” its toxins. It is merely an illusion, a payoff for the right to sin against the planet. Ultimately, polluters fouling one corner of the globe exercise proprietary dominance to simply buy up pristine land in another area as financial atonement for environmental degradation.

This Is Why We Need to Talk about CBDCs

Central banks and governments, at a global scale, have prepared to implement CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) with important consequences for every aspect of freedom in our lives.

Though they will introduce it to the public gradually, its capacity for total control is immense.

Who will protect Vermont’s children from experimental gender hormones?

The so-called progressives in our state have been experimenting with dangerous “off-label” hormone drugs on very young children, and the evidence increasingly proves this is harmful and irreversible. Why do Becca Balint, David Zuckerman, and other progressives pushing this vile agenda never have to answer for their positions, and when will enough parents and children be harmed that there is a proper public discussion about this radical effort? By the time that conversation arises, the question won’t be “should children receive these therapies?” but “who is responsible for inflicting this horrible experiment on children?”

New state guidelines provide ‘confidential’ gender ID, transition counseling to students

A September 2 draft revision of Vermont State Board of Education guidelines would provide confidential gender identity and transition counseling to public school students.
The proposed new policy rests on top of a framework of existing policies which specifically forbid teachers to share gender identity discussions with parents without the student’s consent. 

The Myth of GMOs Saving the Planet

The new myth making the globalist rounds is that GMOs – and glyphosate in particular – are saving the planet. The industrial behemoths who produce the chemicals upon which GMOs depend now pontificate that the world will be rescued by their salvific chemical concoctions. This laughable sales pitch is touted by the Klaus Shwab and Bill Gates crew, to justify wiping out cows, meat, and Dutch farmers. Let us not be fooled.

Compel Children to Eat Unhealthy Processed Vegetarian Alternatives to Wholesome Grass-fed Meats or Fresh Local Foods

Touting a supposed “new study,” mainstream media is unquestioningly advocating globalist prescriptions for climate change that would utilize existing public school lunch programs to compel children to eat unhealthy processed vegetarian alternatives to wholesome grass-fed meats or fresh local foods. The audacity and misinformation of these proposals reflect elitist disconnect from basic nutrition and soil health.
This supposedly salvific solution to the world’s carbon problems is less a “study” and more of a globalist New World Order propaganda plug. The proposal is that school lunches “may be the key to changing our food systems worldwide.”

Let them eat bugs!

The World Economic Forum is now the self-designated world-saver — not only from climate change, but also from global starvation. The rationale employed is that climate change is paramount, agriculture is a major culprit, and cows and other livestock are really terrible, so the WEF will embrace insects (and technologies that create fake meat) to replace them. Cows will disappear, while billionaires profit and dominate global food supplies


Wheat, Weed, Milk and Meat: How the Feds Control Our Food Supplies

Increasingly, municipalities seek to regulate citizens’ activities in food, including growing vegetables, and keeping animals – especially chickens. Some of the ordinances and laws enacted in recent times would likely have shocked those who drafted and signed the federal or state constitutions, which were created in a very different time—when people everywhere were tied more directly to the land, farming culture and communities, and local food. The federal government has also expanded its claimed authority over these same areas, in the name of regulating interstate commerce and “health and safety.”

Globalists Seek to Further Industrialize American Farms

President Biden’s “special climate envoy” John Kerry created a stir at a recent event when he targeted farming and small farms as climate culprits. America’s family farms have suffered steady decline for decades due to technocrats like Kerry determining their profitability and survival. In the name of national security, Kerry now advances global initiatives to control farms and dominate all food production. National security actually requires the opposite, as does environmental stewardship: local farms secure healthier food with less energy and chemical use than mass-processed junk factory-fashioned from corn syrup, chemical additives, and hydrogenated fats.

Can We Reboot the Environmental Movement — So It Protects Freedom, Too?

Polls consistently show that the American people, and people around the world, are deeply divided on the biggest issues of the day: COVID-19, climate change and more.
Backlash against the COVID-19 fiasco of the last three years is building among a public that is slowly waking up to the unprecedented power grab and wealth transfer that took place under cover of a pandemic.
The environmental left is deeply worried about climate change, but the backlash against climate policy also is building.
People across the political spectrum are concerned about a top-down, authoritarian response to climate change using the COVID-19 response as the blueprint.

The Proposed Amendments to the International Health Regulations: An Analysis

Amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR) are currently being discussed at the WHO. More than 300 amendments proposed by 16 states (some on behalf of regional groups and organisations), were collated by the WHO in the ‘Article-by-Article Compilation’ (AbAC) in November 2022. They have been reviewed by the Review Committee Regarding Amendments to the International Health Regulations (RC) which, in accordance with its mandate under Decision WHA.75(9), has issued technical recommendations on these amendments in a report (RC Report) published on 6 February 2023 for consideration by the Working Group on Amendments to the International Health Regulations (WGIHR).

One Health, holistic medicine, and the poisoning of minds

The narrative envisioning a world in which any lifeform is considered of equal worth to others and humans a pollutant

“Governments have done an end-run around democratic processes by framing everything in terms of public health. This is really a stroke of evil genius, because basically any political stance can now be deemed unacceptable by the authorities, and then pathologized and turned into a health issue.”

Worrisome Implications Of Digital Health Passports

In June of 2023, WHO and European Commission announced a landmark digital health partnership to establish a system that will help facilitate global travel and protect citizens across the world from an ongoing and future health threats. This is one of the first building blocks known as Global Digital Health Certification Network (GDHCN) that will, according to WHO, develop a wide range of digital products to deliver better health for all, and in opinions of critics a path for surveillance.