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‘We became inhuman’: Virginians give lawmakers earful about COVID restrictions, treatment, mandates

“You wanted people to die because it pushed your protocol that COVID was something to be frightened of,” Virginia Medical Freedom Alliance president tells pandemic response subcommittee. “You don’t have qualified immunity,” activist warns.

our years after hospitals started refusing cheap treatments for the novel coronavirus, schools locked their doors to students through the next academic year and masking went from discouraged to demanded virtually overnight, Virginians have not forgotten.

Citizens from teenagers to seniors testified at a Pandemic Response and Preparedness Joint Subcommittee meeting Monday to forcefully insist the Virginia Legislature elevate their voices over the consulting firm hired by lawmakers to analyze the Old Dominion’s COVID-19 response and interview “stakeholders,” a term they interpreted as contrary to “the people.”

Congressional Research Service advice to Congress on the proposed IHR amendments from June 2022

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