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Two major mainstream conservative groups voice their concerns

From the writers at the Heritage Foundation: The Pandemic Treaty That Won’t Prevent a Pandemic

If a “pandemic treaty” fails to account for the dismal international response to COVID-19 and isn’t focused on preventing future pandemics, is it really a “pandemic treaty”? Yet that’s the current state of a draft “pandemic treaty” being negotiated under the auspices of the World Health Organization.
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At CPAC, the conference going on right now near Alexandria, VA, the event launched with a resolution condemning the WHO actions:

We condemn the attempts of the World Health Organization, in coordination with the Biden Administration, the Chinese Communist Party, and the Gates Foundation, to surrender national sovereignty to a de-facto global government through a radically revised public health “treaty.” The WHO agenda is a deliberate takeover of national governments’ sovereignty in order to implement the global elites’ oppressive agenda, which is an assault on communities, families, and religion. We stand strongly on the side of national sovereignty. This is an attempted WHO takeover of human dignity, and CPAC stands strongly against it. We encourage all freedom-loving countries to follow President Donald Trump’s lead and move to exit or defund the World Health Organization.

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