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Brief letter in response to 22 page report hand delivered in January 2024.

View the 22 page report written by FBF.

The Danish Group Frihedsbevaegelsens Faellesrad sent a letter to their Ministry of the Interior and Health. The Health Minister claimed, in the response below, that the 4-month rule of Article 55 from the IHR 2005 was not violated, because the draft amendments were provided to the public in November 2022.

Of course, the Working Group for International Health Regulations has been busy adapting, coordinating, harmonizing, and negotiating these draft amendments for the past year and a half. An unofficial (possibly not real) copy was leaked in February 2024.

The English version of the Danish letter was auto-generated with Google Translate. View the FBF post here.

Like most member states, the Danish health ministry is using the excuse invented by the Russian delegate in October 2023.

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