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Prof. MUDr. Vlastimil Válek, CSc.
Ministry of Health
P. O. BOX 81, Palackého náměstí 375/4, 128 01 Praha 2 Data box ID: pv8aaxd
SUBJECT: WHO Pandemic Convention – What will be the position of the Czech Republic

Dear Minister,

In this open letter, we call on you as the Minister of Health to make clear what the position of the Government of the Czech Republic will be on the ratification of the WHO Pandemic Convention (known as WHO CA+) and the amendments to the International Health Guidelines (IHR 2005) currently under preparation.

See below for a clear answer to these questions:

  1. What is their main content?
  2. Can the Czech Republic influence or object to the wording of these forthcoming documents? If so, by when and through whom?
  3. Are you aware of how the EU, which is a non-voting observer at the WHO but plays a key role in the drafting of both documents, is proceeding in this matter?
  4. What changes will the eventual ratification planned for May 2024 bring to the Czech health system?
  5. Will decision-making power in the field of health and health care be transferred in any way from the national to the global level (i.e. to the WHO)?

There is conflicting information circulating in the public space, some of which is described as scaremongering and misinformation. As usual, the Czech mainstream media do not pay much attention to this important issue. We therefore call on you, as Minister of Health, and the Government of the Czech Republic, to speak out on this matter so that a fair public debate can begin.

Yours sincerely

Zuzana Majerová, Chairwoman of Trikolora

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