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Summary: The Pandemic Treaty is a new international Agreement (treaty) currently in negotiation behind closed doors at the WHO.

The Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) Pandemic Treaty Drafts:

Latest Version(s) Pandemic Agreement

Official Proposal Draft

April 22 2024

Unofficial Leaked Draft March 27 2024

Unofficial Draft: Pandemic Treaty Agreement, March 27 2024

Source: Knowledge Ecology International via Politico

The Pandemic Treaty Draft, March 7th 2024

Highlighted for ease of reading.

Shared by Knowledge Ecology International; this appears to be an official draft that has not yet been shared by the WHO.

February 15 2024

This release was split into multiple files, and these files are below:

Proposal for Negotiating Text of the WHO Pandemic Agreement

October 30th 2023

The Advanced Unedited Version of the “Negotiating Text” of the WHO CA+

October 16th 2023

VERSION “Bureau Text” June 2nd 2023

Zero Draft” February 1st 2023

Conceptual Zero Draft” November 25th 2022

“Working Draft” July 13th, 2022

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