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With just a few words describing what I was getting at. Thrilled that so many asked for them.

I have given many talks about what the WHO is doing with its pandemic treaty and IHR amendments. And I have found that when I get into the minutiae, people are overwhelmed with too much detail and don’t remember much. Plus, the WHO made the details as complicated as they possibly could, to keep everyone confused.

So I am trying a new strategy with my talks. I am putting up a few summary slides about important WHO details which you can review as you like—but I am not going to talk about them, and instead will try to focus on one area. Which today is the subject of biological warfare.

See the article I wrote earlier today about the litany of WHO failures and why the WHO should never be trusted to get anything right, especially your health and access to information.

Below I list 8 really bad things the WHO wants to gain the power to do (the long elevator ride spiel).

And above I simply compare the two documents cause people want this information, but nobody can remember it nor does anyone want to.

Below is a different summary slide—of ways the WHO misleads and misdirects, lies and hides things that no one in their right mind would agree to.

Now the formal talk on biowarfare : yes it is real. It is relatively cheap. It works. And so OF COURSE it will be used. And biowarfare is the only type of WMD for which one can often have plausible deniability. It was NATURAL. You must be a conspiracy theorist. Fallback position 1: It came from a lab but it was a naturally occurring virus kept in the lab. (Fauci tried that waffle first). Fallback position 2: But it was an ACCIDENT.

Remarkably this article or versions of it were printed in the WaPo and other papers. The story revealed that in this operation the US was transgressing the biological weapons convention treaty it had initiated, which was being negotiated but which had not yet come into force.

Below are two episodes of biological warfare (actually the first was technically chemical warfare) that I investigated.

The Russians did not respect the prohibition on biowarfare, killing about 60 people in Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg) due to an accidental release of anthrax.

Why did China suddenly have many outbreaks of African Swine Fever, confluent with COVID, causing a drop in GDP of nearly 1%?

Fauci and Collins will go down in infamy over their assertion that a “flu” virus Gain of Function research project (or actually many such projects) entailed a risk worth taking. And those risks are considerable, because you can never avoid accidents. People stick themselves with needles. Little animals squirm and bite while you are injecting them. Glass breaks and you cut yourself. Solvents dissolve your plastic gloves. Stuff happens.

Above is a screenshot from the WHO website. Yes, WHO is very open about wanting to be the curator of all the “potential pandemic pathogens” aka biological warfare agents they can get their hands on. In multiple labs belonging to the biohub system. So these agents can be shared globally. Which will predictably result in one pandemic after another. Keep reading to find out why.

Now I share many screenshots straight from different versions of the WHO’s drafts of the Pandemic Treaty, currently titled Pandemic Agreement.

In treaty language, “shall” means MUST. Sharing is good. And loosening “unnecessary administrative hurdles for research” is even better, apparently, when you are doing GOF research. GOF research means creating biowarfare agents.

While I have told you about some very scary things that the WHO is seeking, there is a very NOT-scary thing being used to gin up fear and gain support for the WHO’s pandemic treaty and IHR amendments. And that thing is bird flu. It is no longer a problem for humans. No Americans have ever died from bird flu. Ever. Only 2 had very mild illnesses—if in fact they were due to bird flu. And food from birds, cows etc. will be perfectly fine (if they really have the virus, a big IF) if it is cooked or pasteurized before being consumed. A lot of chickens have been killed to perpetuate this scam over the past two years. Between 100 and 200 million chickens. Farmers were paid for them so they didn’t protest. Yet. And wild boars and domestic pigs in Europe are getting African Swine Fever today as well, which by the way has also mutated…

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