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Kim Iverson interviews Dr. Meryl Nass.

The Kim Iversen Show LIVE | March 8, 2024
Dr. Meryl Nass is an internal medicine physician and was the first person in the world to prove that an epidemic (anthrax in Rhodesia) was due to biological warfare. She has given 6 Congressional testimonies regarding anthrax, biological warfare, Gulf War syndrome and vaccine safety, and has consulted for the Cuban Ministry of Health, the World Bank and the Director of National Intelligence. Recently, she has written detailed articles regarding the suppression of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin for treatment of Covid, the coverup of COVID’s lab origin, and how the WHO’s proposed pandemic treaty will lead to more pandemics. She is an advisor to Childrens Health Defense. Her medical license was suspended in January 2022 for providing early COVID treatment. She has been writing and speaking on all things COVID, and is now focused on the BioSecurity Agenda of the W.H.O. and its goal to wrest sovereignty from individual nations under the guise of a pandemic response.

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