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The WHA 77 schedule for June 1st shows that Committee A was supposed to receive and finalize the resolutions and reports on the Pandemic Treaty and IHR amendments.

View the schedule (look for 14th meeting.)

We are hearing that the supposed livestream for this morning was replaced by a stream from yesterday. As of yet, the 14th Meeting has not been uploaded to the video list. This was the critical meeting where resolutions for the IHR and INB were to have been finalized – and the package of IHR amendments delivered. What happened?

Read the assessment by Dr. Nass:

The World Health Assembly meeting has failed to achieve a package of amendments to the IHR

There is no agreement on the IHR amendments because nations have seen the pandemic preparedness agenda as the Trojan horse it is: intended for centralizing control and causing indebtedness

Dead in the Water.

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