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No edicts coming directly or indirectly from WHO, UN or WEF will be enforced in Oklahoma

How beautiful it is!

To see the states rejecting the globalist agenda and exercising their oft-forgotten Constitutional authority is so great. Yesterday the OK Senate passed this bill, and today it went back to the House with an amendment and easily passed, again.

24 Governors, 22 state Attorneys-General and 49 Senators said NO to globalism, and the states are passing legislation to implement it. This will protect the citizens of Oklahoma in perpetuity from these captured organizations.

BTW, there has been NO press on this that I could find. But look at the vote: it is real. Next question: why did the holdouts vote no??? All the credit goes to the incredible activists in Oklahoma who understood this was about our fundamental freedoms, and who refused to take no for an answer, and fought ferociously to get this bill past every hurdle.

Next session, let’s get lots more states moving to do the same thing!

Alabama and Tennessee have passed resolutions condemning the WHO.

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