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I know whodunit, I only guess who ordered it.

This is a repost with the kind permission from the author

Several readers forwarded this recent article in The Epoch times.

Link to The Epoch Times article by Debbie Lerman.

It is a good article overall, and has interesting information and links to sources which I will also cover in the future posts.

A clarification on my part is required, because I believe my position has been inadvertently mischaracterized.


I disagree with [Sasha Latypova’s] conclusion that the injuries and deaths resulting from the lack of regulatory oversight are intentional murder by a cabal of omnipotent “globalist central bankers” whose aim is to depopulate the planet.

This does not describe my position or research focus correctly. The cabal of central bank private OWNERS (not the same as banks themselves) being behind the “covid pandemic” is only an educated guess on my part. My research has been focused less on the ultimate ownership structure and much more on the executive organizational structure of the covid crime, which is not fuzzy at all. I am writing about the cartel’s funding, manufacturing base, distribution, its dealers and enforcers and those who directly implement murder/manslaughter. I don’t have the name of the Godfather or his/her consiglieri. I am studying the crime scene around me, which looks like this:

We have a mass murder/mass injury event ongoing and bodies are piling up. The deaths and injury are the result of the forced injections of “health products” that do not comply with any regulations for pharmaceuticals nor the lists of ingredients or advertised chemical composition. Thus they should be deemed de-facto poison. Even if the manufacturers managed to produce these substances with fidelity to the label and the law, the products would be still extremely dangerous to administer on a mass scale due to numerous toxicities built into their design, which is perfectly well known to the regulators and manufacturers. Albeit, the latter got rid of employees with expertise and conscience to know this in the years immediately preceding “covid success”, and replaced them with diversity hires and software. The needles are in the hands of “nice people from healthcare” who are doing their jobs as commanded by their superiors. I am tracing this organization back, starting from the weapon of murder and assault – the needle.

Here is the clarification of my position:

  1. The mass injuries and deaths by the mRNA/DNA injections are intentional. They should be investigated as a crime of mass murder and attempted mass murder by poisoning.
  2. The lack of any enforcement action by HHS on the injuries and deaths is also intentional. This is demonstrated by the now very obvious refusal of the officialdom to stop them or limit in any way, despite clear evidence of their harm.
  3. HHS is following the orders of the National Security Council and the DOD as the Chief Operating Officer of the Operation Warp Speed, i.e. the HHS is operating under the military command structure. Debbie Lerman has identified NSC in charge of covid policy in her past writing, and I am grateful to her for pointing me in that direction.
  4. The organizational structure that is responsible for the execution of this crime in the US can be described as follows: POTUS=>NSC=>DOD=>HHS=>state and local health authorities => owners/administrators of health delivery settings=>local vaccinators.
  5. All men and women in positions of authority in the above organizational structure operate treasonously and under the color of law.
  6. What organization is above the treasonous US officials, I can only guess. I do not believe it’s the “market forces” of investors wanting returns and new marvelous tech of the “mRNA platform”. I have familiarity with both, market forces, and with central command-control structures and I am convinced that there is a centralized global control of this operation due to the perfectly implemented global lockstep procedures and control of ALL governments. US alone cannot do this.
  7. The DOD is in charge of funding and ordering the injections from complicit pharmaceutical manufacturers, bypassing pharmaceutical regulations, and utilizing opaque defense purchasing systems typically used for weapons manufacture. DOD is in charge of the distribution of injections to the intended targets – the people of the United States. The intended targets also include military service members, government workers and even expendable employees of the pharma companies.
  8. The pseudo-legal statutory framework that the treasonous men and women are utilizing to commit these crimes has been described in detail by Katherine Watt.

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