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A documentary by British filmmaker Martin Durkin and a follow-up to The Great Global Warming Swindle released in 2007.

Climate The Movie does as it says, present the Cold Truth. It gives a good overview of how climate change came to dominate current political discourse.

It features a raft of prominent scientists, physicists, climatologists and Patrick Moore the founder of Greenpeace who dared to dispute the prevailing consensus that the science is settled. The documentary meticulously details the 4 other more reliable measurements of temperature change (rural surface stations, ocean gauges, satellite readings and atmospheric balloons) to show that all the IPCC reports and models are mostly based on sites that have been engulfed over time by urbanization and hence subject to distortions in the record by the urban heat island effect. The 4 methods confirm only a slight temperature rise and this is reported alongside the long term historical records going back centuries and then tree ring and ice core testing going back millennia to show that we’ve been warmer before when there was no industrial output to blame.

Finally many current media myths and obsessions were debunked including no increase in hurricanes and storms, hotter daily temps in the 1930’s than recently and significantly fewer modern forest fires than the ’20’ and ’30s.

The way prominent scientists, environmentalists, politicians and the media exaggerate and distort the truth to manipulate the masses into accepting all of the constraints on lifestyle and escalating costs of enforcing net zero is dramatically laid out. This documentary is an important contribution to the debate of climate science that is in reality far from settled.

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