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On March 28, 2024, a criminal legal complaint was filed against Swiss Medic, the Swiss Regulatory Authority.

The 430 page complaint, originally in German, is available as a DeepL translation in English.


On 14 July 2022, 37 persons making a report and six private claimants directly harmed by mRNA “vaccinations” (all according to the rubric) reported a criminal offence against certain persons acting on behalf of Swissmedic (according to the rubric) and against persons unknown. They filed this report of a criminal offence to protect their own health and out of justified concern for the health of their fellow human beings. They did so because their health had either already been seriously damaged (private claimants) or was at least permanently threatened due to [i .] the unlawful authorisation of mRNA-based “COVID-19 vaccines” by Swissmedic, [ii .] the sustained lack of product monitoring by Swissmedic and, last but not least, [iii .] the sustained misleading product information provided by Swissmedic, and because this threat is still ongoing (private claimants and persons making a complaint).

English Translation:

Original Filing (German):

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