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John Kerry announces controlling farms is needed to prevent climate change…..

This article is a repost with permission from Small Farm Republic’s Substack

President Biden’s “special climate envoy” John Kerry created a stir at a recent event when he targeted farming and small farms as climate culprits. America’s family farms have suffered steady decline for decades due to technocrats like Kerry determining their profitability and survival. In the name of national security, Kerry now advances global initiatives to control farms and dominate all food production. National security actually requires the opposite, as does environmental stewardship: local farms secure healthier food with less energy and chemical use than mass-processed junk factory-fashioned from corn syrup, chemical additives, and hydrogenated fats.

Kerry’s alarmist rhetoric forms the raison d’etre for the WEF/globalist cabal of corporations to take over all aspects of life:

This sector needs innovation now more than ever, Kerry stated. We’re facing record malnutrition at a time when agriculture, more than any other sector, is suffering from the impacts of the climate crisis. And I refuse to call it climate change anymore. It’s not change. It’s a crisis.

Kerry, as climate’s envoy, then condemns the agriculture he claims is suffering from climate change, for being a chief culprit:

A lot of people have no clue that agriculture contributes about 33% of all the emissions of the world, Kerry said during his keynote address. We can’t get to net-zero, we don’t get this job done unless agriculture is front and center as part of the solution. So all of us understand here the depths of this mission.

This resembles similar patterns by industrialist voices: imprison cows in confinement operations and then fault bovines for the pollution created. As in Holland and Belgium, globalist initiatives to exploit climate change to shutter farms do not explain that those cows are to be killed in the bargain. The goal is to compel humans to eat a diet made of plants, industrially produced at great cost to the ecosystem and human health. But very profitable for those for whom Kerry is truly envoy.

Globalist John Kerry’s new position as climate envoy oversees a $13.9 million annual budget and is approved to recruit 45 personnel. This platform allows him to advocate openly for the globalist food control agenda, his true AIM:

We need economic, social and policy innovation in order to scale adaptation of these technical solutions and get them into the hands of folks in the fields of small farmers on a worldwide basis. This is the promise of AIM for Climate Summit.

The Biden Administration claims the “climate crisis” is an “urgent national security issue.” John Kerry claims farms are to be improved under AIM (Agriculture Innovation Mission) for Climate. The WEF claims it must add international food control to its self-appointed (anointed?) mission to halt climate damage. Yet the true mission is the reverse of environmental or human health: it is globalist food domination.

AIM for Climate echoes Kerry’s empty slogans about undefined and nonexistent agricultural technologies to supplant America’s farmers in the name of protecting them:

AIM for Climate seeks to address climate change and global hunger by uniting participants to significantly increase investment in, and other support for, climate-smart agriculture and food systems innovation over five years (2021 – 2025). As climate change continues to impact global temperature, weather and seasonality, longstanding agricultural practices are undermined, throwing many farmers into poverty. Subsequently, the world’s rapidly growing population is ever more reliant on increasingly vulnerable food production. The sector must urgently adapt. New technologies, products, and approaches are required to mitigate and adapt to climate change while supporting growth and jobs.

“Climate-smart agriculture” is undefined. The answer, we are told, is technological advances. But technological advances foisted by industry allied with government and universities is precisely what eroded and destroyed the family farms which this same diabolical confederation now seeks to rule over. 

AIM for Climate does not hide its members, who include Tyson Foods, JBS, Syngenta, Unilever, the WEF, and Bayer (f/k/a Monsanto). The industrial food and globalist forces that destroyed small farms now gather to finish the job, assisted by their able industrialist envoy and ally, John Kerry. Though a yawn-worthy list of climate NGOs are listed as members with AIM for Climate, notably absent from membership are organic food companies such as Newman’s Own, Whole Foods Market, Amy’s Kitchen, or Organic Valley. It doesn’t seem like Vandana Shiva or Joel Salatin have been welcomed aboard either. (But Ralph Lauren is there to rescue the farms!)

One AIM for Climate partner is VegTech Invest, “Investing in Plant-based Innovation and the future of food.” VegTech predicts big money in human plant-food:

At the forefront of a secular trend, we invest in companies innovating with plants and plant-derived ingredients to make animal free products for a more efficient, healthy and climate-friendly food and materials supply system.  We call these VegTech™ companies.

Like its fellow climate warriors, VegTech does not disguise its intent to eliminate cows:

Proteins can be produced using microbial fermentation and cultivated meat can be grown outside of animals using only trace amounts of animal cells. Both of these innovative technologies utilize plant-based carbohydrates as a source for growing these alternative proteins. These foods are made with far less antibiotics, land, and water and comprise only traces of cells such that end products are animal-free.

The truth is that these foods are not made with less pollution, or better health outcomes. They are built on GMO crops dependent on chemical applications, synthetic fertilizers (made using fossil fuels) and tilling practices that increase erosion and aquifer draw-downs, pollute the environment, and produce chemical-laced products that damage human health and the gut biome. In contrast, grass-fed cows raised on pasture rebuild soils and reduce water loss, churn out natural soil-nurturing organic fertilizers in lieu of factory fertilizers, and produce healthy meats people love to eat — all without chemicals, or eliminating cows from the planet.

(Cows are not the cause of climate change: their abuse is, by confining them indoors and feeding them grains.)

As the wise pundit Neil Oliver explains:

The attack, or the attempt to reign in farming, that’s going on in the developed world is being sold to us as an effort to save the planet and also kind of trailing in the wake is the notion that it’s about the well-being of the people. And I don’t believe the attack on farming has either of those two objectives. Not at all. I believe it’s simply about taking control of the land. (at 4:58)

Creating dependency of the entire world population on technologically-fabricated industrially-processed toxic food from soil-destroying monocultures controlled by the same Big Ag and chemical corporations who have plundered America’s farms and farmlands: that is what John Kerry is envoy for. In the name of national security, to rescue farms from climate change, Kerry will use Big Tech to make farming “better.” 

But while creating food scarcity, amplifying industrial domination of farming and food, and sending cows to slaughter in favor of vat-burgers of soy, John Kerry has not abandoned the ideological priority of social justice. In a bizarre assurance from an entity purporting to be a “joint initiative” between the United States and the United Arab Emirates, AIM for Climate proclaims:

Diversity, gender equity, and inclusion are critical to the success of the mission. AIM for Climate recognizes the wide range of participants necessary to achieve its goal and seeks to draw on diverse knowledge, experiences, and cultures.

As the effort to dominate food production expands from Europe and the WEF to the United States, Dutch food and farming envoy Eva Vlaardingerbroek has a very different message than John Kerry:

They’re coming for your farmers next, America. I told you, The Netherlands is just the pilot country. The war on farming is global, because the agenda behind it is global.

John Kerry’s endorsement of the AIM for Climate initiative proves her right. 

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