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This article is a repost with permission from the author.

The World Economic Forum is now the self-designated world-saver — not only from climate change, but also from global starvation.  The rationale employed is that climate change is paramount, agriculture is a major culprit, and cows and other livestock are really terrible, so the WEF will embrace insects (and technologies that create fake meat) to replace them.  Cows will disappear, while billionaires profit and dominate global food supplies.

This scam is reminiscent of saving humanity from a disease created in a lab using vaccines that don’t work but profit billionaires and consolidate global totalitarianism.  Or perhaps it reeks of inflaming fears of fabricated climate Armageddon from which globalists will rescue humanity by raping the planet of scarce natural resources to manufacture solar panels and EVs in China, accelerating pollution while amassing huge profits for select corporations.  To, you know, save the children and all.

The argument for insect consumption is based on circuitous lies:

The surge in demand for animal protein has also contributed to an increase in greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide). These gases lead to extreme weather conditions, ozone depletion, increased danger of wildland fires, loss of biodiversity, stresses to food-producing systems and the global spread of infectious diseases. Even today, climate changes are estimated to cause over 150,000 deaths annually.

Cows cause the global spread of infectious diseases?  (Must be they were milling around in a market, and jumped species.)  How did AOC miss that when she critiqued their flatulence?  Recall that Mad Cow Disease was created by humans feeding body parts from sick cows (or humans?).  But the FDA assures us all is well in Soylent Green Land:

The parts of a cow that are not eaten by people are cooked, dried, and ground into a powder. The powder is then used for a variety of purposes, including as an ingredient in animal feed. A cow gets BSE by eating feed contaminated with parts that came from another cow that was sick with BSE. … Certain high-risk cow parts are not allowed to be used to make any animal feed, including pet food.  This prevents all animal feed from being accidentally contaminated with the abnormal prion. By keeping the food that is fed to cows safe, the FDA is protecting people by making sure that the food they eat comes from healthy cows.

The plan now is to feed bugs to cows instead.  Liberals freaked out about bovine growth hormones but applaud experimental gender hormones for prepubescent children.  A recent global initiative calls to switch all school lunches to bugs, to wean kids off evil meat.

This house of horrors is built on a foundation of lies.  Cows eating grass convert sunshine to food, restore soils, and generate organic manure necessary to replace the synthetic fertilizers and GMO chemicals the WEF says it must procure from (WEF members) DuPont, Dow, or Bayer (formerly Monsanto) to protect the environment.  The livestock tortured in confined industrial farming are fed mostly GMO-dependent grains, and their manure is spread not by perambulating bovines, but by fossil fuel–guzzling, computer-controlled tractors.  The industrial pollution thus generated is then used to justify eliminating all cows.

Most humans want a juicy burger, not crunchy, chitinous bugs.  It is true that some cultures eat cockroaches as well as grasshoppers; other insect-foods include waxworms, beetles, spiders, moths, bees, dragonflies, ants, crickets, scorpions, and locusts.  Some 2,000 insects have been documented as edible, but most people would rather not eat them, regardless of what documents say.

The globalist propaganda machine strives to convert humanity from a diet of steaks and wings to cricket chips and cockroach burgers.  People smile dismissively when such unappetizing fare is suggested, but this is no joke — towering Chinese fortresses surrounded by fish-filled moats house as many as one billion cockroaches.  The Great Reset says, “This bug’s for you!”

Polls say Westerners have disdain for bug-munching, so the MSM and climate-justice crew seek to spin insect appeal.  An article misleadingly titled “Insects for Dinner? 58% can see a future where bugs replace beef” is referring to what people can imagine others eating in the future, just not themselves:

Given the number of health benefits, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has called for increased efforts towards destigmatizing insect consumption. … Even when the study authors asked people to consider incorporating insects into their normal diet, many people rejected the idea. Only 16 percent would be open to the possibility.

The government will “destigmatize” homosexuality, obesity, fentanyl, and transgenderism…and now bug-dining.  But “84%” should have been the lede — the percentage that said they wouldn’t even be open to the possibility.  That name, “Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations” (FAOUN), is recurrent, ever maligning bovines:

[R]eplacing beef production with edible insect production would cut greenhouse gases by 95 percent and energy consumption by 62 percent, according to estimates.

Much like the ultra-ballyhooed IPCC and climate change prophecies, the FAOUN’s cow-slandering bunk is metamorphosed into an Orwellian bullhorn.  The IPCC’s work is manipulated to prognosticate apocalyptic climate horrors; the FAOUN’s analysis uses factory beef production as comparison and ignores cows’ natural superiority if returned to the land.  Cows spread necessary nutrients with their lovely cowpies, while harvesting grasses into healthy meat through reflective mastication, mostly employing their own grass-powered energy.  Industrialists enslave cows to CAFOs and then scapegoat them for the pollution caused by their incarceration.  Just let the cows be free!

Instead, the WEF wants to kill them.  The Dutch and Belgian farmers protesting against the closing of their farms are trying to save their animals’ lives: their cows are destined for slaughter, not relocation.  Where on Earth is PETA when you really need it?  And why does the WEF target cows, not flat-screen TVs?

Romans ate dormice, fattened in clay jars as a delicacy for elites.  Perhaps Bill Gates will patent vat-mice for human palates, or maybe the estimated 2,000,000 rats in New York City could be converted to a benevolent victual.  (Blended into protein shake powder with the cockroaches: nearly one million New Yorkers report those in their homes.)

Then again, the science of fake meat is not restricted to animals extant: woolly-mammoth meatballs are now cooked up by fusing ancient mammoth and modern elephant DNA, and then growing it in sheep stem cells.  Such Frankensteinian chimeras foreshadow the diet likely planned for humanity’s future by the U.N., regardless of people’s preferences.  Will the techno-mystics feed wooly mammoths to cows, and create Mad Woolly Mammoth Disease?  And why not create fake bugs out of glyphosate-soaked soy (like what Bill Gates is doing with fake beef) and just skip the insects?

The U.N. and WEF say, “Let them eat bugs,” but humanity says, “Where’s the beef?”  Persuading people to eat spiders or scorpions in order to stop oceans rising is the ultimate lipstick on a pig.

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