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The World Health Organization (WHO) is ushering in an unprecedented global takeover of public health under the guise of “pandemic preparedness.”

The WHO is currently amending its 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR), which “provide an overarching legal framework that defines countries’ rights and obligations in handling public health events and emergencies that have the potential to cross borders.” If adopted, these amendments would change the IHR from non-binding to legally binding, forcing every one of the 194 WHO member countries — nearly the entire world — to abide by them.

It is critical that we act now to protect our nations from these global power grabs. Join us in finding a new way forward!

You are not alone if you have never heard about these global governance “tools.” The WHO aims to implement changes to the IHR through confidential negotiations by the largely anonymous “Working Group on Amendments to the International Health Regulations.” The IHR amendments would grant the WHO Director-General the authority to control which countermeasures the world would be allowed to utilize during a pandemic.

Among the proposed changes are the transfer of public health emergency powers from our elected leaders to the WHO, as well as the authority to declare an emergency at will and the removal of human rights protections that have always been included in the IHR. Giving the WHO these powers will inevitably result in more emergency declarations and a reoccurrence of the many failures witnessed during the WHO’s management of COVID-19.

The Great Reset vs. The Great Freeset. Which side of history will you stand on? Will you allow the ushering in of a one-world government to undermine the powers of sovereign nations and our individual rights, or will you defend your rights and choose freedom?

#TheGreatFreeset provides an opportunity to resist the centralization of power by international organizations like the WHO and is one of the alternatives to the World Economic Forum’s initiative known as The Great Reset. It is a chance to disrupt the WHO’s ongoing plans for global consolidation of power.

Reaffirming national independence through education and advocacy will draw attention to and help avert these monumental shifts to totalitarianism. We will not hand over our freedom to a centralized group of unelected tyrannical leaders who have put power, financial interests, and profit over the independence of sovereign nations and the health and well-being of people.

Below, you will find more information about the WHO, the “Pandemic Treaty,” and the IHR.

The world we will leave our children depends on us pushing back on the WHO global governance agenda. We cannot overstate the importance of resisting this ultimate consolidation of power into a few sinister hands who do not have our health and best interests at heart.

Take action to stop these WHO power grabs by signing the Health Freedom Bill of Rights today!

What You Need to Know:

The proposed amendments to the IHR (agreement) stand to:

  • Change IHR recommendations from ‘non-binding’ to legally binding such that all member countries must obey and implement them. (p. 2, Article 1.1)
  • Create requirements for digital vaccine passports that will be used to restrict access and travel as the WHO sees fit. (p. 19-20, Article 23, Article 24, Article 27)
  • Require surveillance of online information and suppression of information deemed misinformation and disinformation. (p. 21 Countering misinformation and disinformation)
  • Coerce extreme lockdown measures, including the creation of “quarantine of suspect travelers, preferably in facilities away from the point of entry,” aka “quarantine camps” seen during the COVID-19 pandemic in China and elsewhere. (p. 41, section (d))
  • Allow the WHO Director-General to declare an emergency at will. (p. 9, Article 12.1, 12.2)
  • Require nations to use certain medications while prohibiting the use of others during emergencies. (p. 20 Article 35.2)
  • Allow the WHO to commandeer medical supplies in any country, transfer them to other countries, and evade laws on intellectual property. (p.13, Article 13A)
  • Remove the existing IHR language granting “full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons.” (p. 3, Article 3.1) They are actively attempting to eliminate “dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms” from the IHR amendments.

What the Health Freedom Bill of Rights Attests

  • The right to no medical mandates, including medications or biologics.
  • The right to no discrimination based on medical or healthcare decisions.
  • The right to informed consent without coercion.
  • The right to individualized medical care.
  • The right to exclude third parties from our medical care.
  • The right to receive medical care regardless of vaccination status.
  • The right to a medical advocate of our choice.
  • The right to free movement/travel regardless of vaccination status.
  • The right to forego quarantine without due process.

What You Can Do Right Now:

  1. Take action now! With one click, ask state and federal elected officials to support H.R. 79, the WHO Withdrawl Act, to preserve national sovereignty, and tell the President to stop the negotiations on all IHR amendments.
  2. Sign and share the Health Freedom Bill of Rights on social media, share the actions you are taking to choose freedom and preserve your rights, and tag your post with #TheGreatFreeset.
  3. Join your local CHD chapter or connect with a health freedom coalition in your state.
  4. Please share this page far and wide! Everyone must be aware of this threat from the WHO so that we can work together to create the Great Freeset and the world we want for our children and future generations.
  5. Look for more action items to come!

Other Issues to Note

  • The WHO is also drafting a “Pandemic Treaty,” titled WHO CA+, which goes hand in hand with the IHR. The “Treaty” will be “open for signatures” at the Seventy-seventh World Health Assembly in May of 2024, according to WHO.
  • The United Nations, of which the WHO is an agency, is also attempting a massive power grab by establishing a so-called “Emergency Platform” that would involve a similar set of emergency responses to pandemics and other “complex global shocks,” in addition to “strengthening global governance.”

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