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People said surveillance and censorship: control of misinformation and disinformation had been removed. Not so. They are just moved to an Annex and inserted elsewhere, on page 45. See below.

So what if “the term “non-binding” is no longer crossed out? The document is still binding on nations due to other language, the requirement to report back to the WHO on how well nations are complying, and the new compliance and implementation committee, which will ride herd on nations that do not comply.

The “National IHR Authority will coordinate the implementation of these regulations” within nations.

Nations must “adjust” their domestic legislation to comply — there you see a sovereignty grab, even though the document claims it has no intention of imposing on national sovereignty.

And in Article 59 there is more of the same requirement to pass laws to comply:

Human rights, which were crossed out in the earlier draft, are now back. This shows you that those negotiating these treaties think your human rights are negotiable, and can be given or taken away with the stroke of a pen, thus abrogating other UN treaties such as the ICCPR.

The language stating that the WHO D-G could designate potential pandemics has been replaced with likely pandemics. A weasel way of saying the same thing.

The WHO D-G still decides on whether there is a pandemic or PHEIC, though more consultation is specified than previously.

The control of misinformation and disinformation got moved to an Annex where it would be less obvious. However, the control of information is now even more stringent, as “surveillance” and managing misinformation are now considered “Core Capacities” that all nations will have to develop, and on which they will be scored using a monitoring system still to be developed.

While vaccine passports (now renamed “health documents” ) need not be in digital form, the WHO is extremely concerned that therre be no forgeries or fakes. No one is to be allowed to avoid vaccination next time, according to Bill Gates. (Oops, I meant according to the Working Group.

“1. No” “for “or in” “these””Regulations””recommendations issued by WHO, shall be required in international traffic, provided however that this Article shall not apply to travellers seeking temporary or permanent residence, nor shall it apply to document requirements concerning the public health status of goods or cargo in international trade pursuant to applicable international agreements. The competent authority may request travellers to complete contact information forms and questionnaires on the health of travellers, provided that they meet the requirements set out in Article 23.”

“2. Health documents under these Regulations may be issued in non-digital format or digital format, subject to the obligations of any State Party regarding the format of such documents deriving from other international agreements.”

“3. Regardless of the format in which health documents under these Regulations have been issued, said health documents shall conform to the Annexes, referred to in Articles 36 to 39 as “applicable, and” “their authenticity shall be ascertainable.”

“4. WHO, in consultation with States Parties, shall develop and update, as necessary, technical guidance, including specifications or standards related to the issuance and ascertainment of authenticity of health documents, both in digital format and non-digital format. Such specifications or standards shall be in accordance with Article 45 regarding treatment of personal data.”

Will the WHO give itself the right to prevent nations using certain drugs, as in the lasst iteration of the IHRs? The wording is so ambiguous that I don’t know, but I fear it is a distinct possibility. See below:

And then Article 23 is one of those that gives you a guarantee of following the law, EXCEPT in certain cases when governments can impose other measures, or force vaccinations or other health measures.

“Article 42 Implementation of health measures

Health measures taken pursuant to these Regulations shall be initiated and completed without delay, and applied in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner. States Parties shall take all practicable measures, in accordance with national laws, to engage with non-State actors1 operating in their respective jurisdictions with a view to achieving compliance with, and implementation of, health measures taken pursuant to these Regulations

That should make clear that WHO wishes to be the sovereign entity with respect to these health regulations.

Article 43 is where the WHO gave itself the right to withhold medicines or other measures, and I fear that although the language has changed, they are trying to do the same again:

I have said that WHO wants your personal medical records, and they want to be able to disclose them as well, it appears:

And also inserted into Article 46 is this gem that directs nations to allow specimens from potential pandemic pathogens to transit their nations, even though this is prohibited under US domestic law.

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