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What is the Silence Procedure? It was adopted for “decision-making while the COVID-19 pandemic prevents in-person meetings at UN Headquarters” – and apparently is ongoing.

“He who is silent is taken to agree” or “Silence means consent.”

You can read the original UN PPPR here.

Local copy here (original, no translations.)

What is the “Political Declaration of the United Nations General Assembly High-level Meeting on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response“? It is the UN setting up to do what the WHO has been aiming to do. If the WHO is unsuccessful, the UN will be waiting in the wings.

Like most UN documents, it is written in UNglish – a dialect of English that can be hard to parse for the unfamiliar. For this purpose, we have provided a subtitle in standard blue-collar middle-America English which will aid in understanding.

Just in case anyone did not understand, this is comedy.

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