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how to spot mass manipulation in media

This article is a repost with permission from the author
It’s really all but impossible to overstate the extent to which media saturation was used to stoke fear and spread egregious and irresponsible levels of misinformation over “the covid years.”

it was a ubiquitous, constant, unrelenting barrage of monolithic talking points right down to all the bobbleheads using the exact same words and phrases. they were all obviously getting their scripts and marching orders from some central source.

this does not happen by accident: (see how much of this you can stand)

(video by ORF)

listen to the outrageous lies about fatality rates. this was used as panic accelerant to separate people from their wits.

and it was done for a very simple reason:

and this was a program. it was a flat out pogrom against reason and free thought.

listen to how precisely they are repeated. same numbers, same words, same accusations. watch how everyone fixates and hits on the word “hunch” to discredit a statement that was, in fact, based in the science.

this was either an orchestrated psyop or a truly impressive out of control emergent monkey see, money do festival to end all festivals. honestly, i lean toward the former. you do not get that kind of utter lockstep on linguistic cues without coordination.

that endlessly repeated hit came from somewhere. where, we may never know, but there sure was a stunning synchrony to speech for all things covid and this is just the sort of thing the office of the national security advisor and the IC apparatchiks that surround them excel at. and they are the ones who put debbie birx in place.

it’s not a huge leap to imagine them invoking “national security” to suborn the media (if, indeed, it’s even possible to suborn a group so endlessly willing to carry filthy water under authoritarian auspices.)

no one did any work. they all reported what they were told to report.

and that incredible alignment itself is a glaring red warning sign.

internalize this. it’s a very important marker. it’s how you know you’re being played and manipulated by big lie, big repetition campaigns.

and when every bureaucrat, media outlet, and big business is on your side, you’re not the rebels.

and this is pretty much where you wind up once you’re done circling the bowl…

this is what the reputation economy must supplant. such cognitive carpet bombing is outright inimical to human society or even human sanity.

and now we must move beyond them.

platforms are over.

the attention economy was a dead end.

the reputation economy is coming.

it’s not about being loud or inflammatory, it’s about having people trust and care about what you have to say.

“old media” is not ready for what this means…

media appear hell bent on being purveyors of their own endlessly entitled biases as their “lived experience,” agenda, and phantasmagoric “identities” trump concepts like “truth” and “facts.”

“objectivity” has become a pejorative.

this idea has no future.

these people are quite literally insane. (but that does not mean they are not dangerous)

it’s boring, joyless ideological tantrum tossing to inflame and annoy its way to prominence but the squalling search for attention has driven it mad and into the arms of fascists they hope can save their failing franchises.

we’re on the steep part of the discrediting curve.

no one cares and pretty much no one wants to hear it.

lights out.

game over.

this is going to make them increasingly desperate.

but they have already lost.

a child born today will, by the time they come of age, be unable to even conceive that there was a thing called “the media” much less that anyone ever trusted it.

the whole idea will seem so implausible that it will literally not compile in their minds.

there is a global bear market for trust, and, as in any bear market, this is when the fortunes of those who will thrive in the next boom are getting set up to be made.

this is the grand promise of a free and fair open agora.

this is the bounty of knowing whom you can trust.

and this is where we must go.

and we’re not going to be taking these propaganda plague rats with us.

there seems to be a concerted effort afoot to bring back a lot of these ideas, that covid is deadly and dangerous at societal scale, that mitigations worked instead of causing megadeaths, and that somehow we must once more believe the media and the state as they release “chicken little 17: the ensquawkening” to fed up audiences everywhere.

it will jump topics and pretexts, but the clucking is all the same and once you learn to spot the synchronized squawk team in action and see their interminable, repetitive doggerel for what is is, you can start to see the shape of the attack and step out of the way.

fall for this one again and shame on you indeed.

this tiresome twaddle needs to be laughed down then roundly ignored.

because the truth is simple.

and the truth wants to be free.

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