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European MEP Rob Roos sends Open Letter to Tedros because the WHO has failed to provide proof to the EU Parliament.

On November 28th, 2023, twelve members of the European Parliament sent a formal letter to the WHO Director General requesting proof of a vote approving the May 2022 amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) 2005.

At issue: the May 2022 amendments shorten the time period for reviewing, and rejecting or reserving against future amendments. Several countries posted reservations or rejections. These decisions were not publicized by the WHO. The countries for which we have evidence of rejection or reservation are: New Zealand, Iran, and Netherlands.

As outlined in the letter signed by twelve European MEPs on November 28 2023, amendments to the IHR 2005 require a simple majority vote. The WHO has not provided any evidence that such a vote occurred, which would make the May 2022 amendments null and void.

On May 7 2024, MEP Rob Roos sent a letter stating that the MEPs have received no response from the WHO, and thus they “must assume that the WHO’s own procedural rules have been indeed violated, thereby rendering the vote of 28 May 2022 regarding the changes on the IHR a wrongful act and therewith null and void.”

The May 7 letter goes on to raise the continuing concern that amendments to the IHR 2005 are still being negotiated, and a final text has not been made public the required four months prior to the 77th World Health Assembly in May 2024.

Read the full text of both letters below.

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