Slovakia will not support new pandemic treaty

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Peter Kotlár, the Slovak Government Plenipotentiary for the COVID-19 pandemic, informed that Slovakia would not support the current version of the new pandemic treaty or the draft amendment to the…

22 State Attorneys General Oppose the WHO Treaties

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Key reasons provided by the 22 AGs: First Reason: “Under proposed IHR amendments and the Pandemic Treaty, however, the WHO’s Director-General would achieve the power to unilaterally declare a “public health emergency…

Letter from 49 Senators to the President

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The letter calls for the administration to withdraw support for the current Pandemic Treaty negotiations and the International Health Regulation amendment negotiations. (Español) In light of the high stakes for…
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Legislative wins for States Rights

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States are asserting their rights to self-determination – and protecting their constituents from global governance. Please take the time to read these two amendments to the US constitution. It will…

United Nations sanctions letter

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Eleven countries have formally objected to the political declarations that were scheduled to be adopted during the High Level Meetings (HLM) at the annual United Nations General Assembly. The objections…
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New Zealand Posts Notice of Rejection

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New Zealand Health Ministry has posted details about their rejection of the May 2022 IHR(2005) Amendments to their website. The text reads: On Wednesday 29 November 2023, Cabinet reserved New…
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Oklahoma House Passes Legislation Against the WHO

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EDITED: 4/26/24 SB426 passed House April 24 2024 with floor amendments. Now goes to Senate. “World Health Organization; prohibiting enforcement of policies required or recommended by the World Health Organization.”…
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What is “nullification”?

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A win for states’ rights: how do state sovereignty laws apply to the WHO and UN? In affirming self-determination, some states are crafting laws that restore state sovereignty through nullification…

Notice of Reservations to WHO Amendments: from Netherlands

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Notice of Reservations to the May 2022 Amendments which shorten the timeline. Unofficial translation using Google translate Answers to parliamentary questions from member Pouw-Verweij (BBB) about the “creeping” negotiations on…

Iran Rejected the Amendments

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Iran, as well as New Zealand, rejected the May 2022 International Health Regulations (IHR) amendments that speeded up the global biosecurity agenda—and announced it 6 months ago. That means that…
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Challenges to the WHO

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How are lawmakers challenging the WHO? See their letters. Find below all the notices of legal challenge, rejection, or reservation that have been sent to the WHO. Are we missing…