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Third World Network (TWN) is present in the Pandemic Treaty Negotiations. Read their fascinating report.

Read the full article at TWN.

Quoting from the article, bold emphasis added:

In the afternoon of (1st May), discussions proceeded to the substantive aspects of Article 12 beginning with the foundations of the PABS system.

Throughout the discussion, the EU insisted on replacing references to “PABS material and sequence information” with “relevant material” claiming that the biological material to be shared had yet to be defined.

The EU ignored the definition proposed in the Bureau’s text i.e. “PABS material and information” means the biological material from a pathogen with pandemic potential, as well as sequencing information relevant to the development of pandemic-related health products.

The United States suggested replacing references to pandemic-related health products with “vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics against covered pathogens”.

Read the full article at TWN

Background on Article 12 (PABS) and One Health

The April 22 2024 draft release of the Pandemic Treaty included this text for Article 12 (Pathogens and Benefit Sharing – PABS). Highlights added for clarity.

So that’s one instrument, yet to be defined.

Let’s review article 5, where the One Health instrument is discussed:

How many undefined instruments are these treaties planning to enact? How big is the blank check?

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