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Dear Supporter,

I am writing to let you know the latest developments in our efforts at Door to Freedom to push against the WHO’s proposed Pandemic Agreement and the International Health Regulations (IHR) amendments. Please note: these are two different international treaties, both being negotiated at the same time, and both are part of the over-arching pandemic preparedness agenda about which we are concerned.

The WHO members hold a yearly meeting during the last week in May and are expected to consider both treaties for approval, which if approved would grant the WHO Director-General the right to declare Public Health Emergencies of International Concern, and then govern them. He may be given the right to order that unlicensed, untested vaccines be rolled out; that vaccine passports be required; and that nations surveil their citizens’ social media footprint and censor information that does not accord with the WHO directives. The WHO would issue orders for the management of public health, worldwide.

Furthermore, the intention is for the WHO to create a BioHub system of laboratories to perform research and serve as a library for “potential pandemic pathogens.” This library of dangerous pathogens would share its pathogens globally. Nations would be paid if the pathogens they supplied were used to develop drugs or vaccines, via the WHO’s proposed “Pathogen Access and Benefit Sharing System.” In other words, nations would be paid for sharing or creating potential biowarfare agents.

Over the past months, we have made significant strides in raising awareness and mobilizing support to challenge the WHO’s plan for global health governance. If you find this work valuable, please consider making a donation here to keep the organization going.

I am pleased to share with you some of the key highlights of what has been happening:

1. On May 1, all 49 Republican Senators wrote to the President urging him to withdraw support for the WHO’s plans. If he failed to heed them, they demanded that the two WHO treaties be brought before the Senate for ratification, where they would certainly fail to garner support. A 2/3 majority vote is required to ratify a treaty.
– Link to the letter signed by 49 Senators: link

2. On May 8, 22 US Attorneys-General wrote to the President, informing him that Constitutional authority for healthcare resided in the states, not the federal government, and they would refuse to comply with any orders from the WHO.
– Link to the letter signed by 22 Attorneys General: link

3. Although May 10 was to be the official end of negotiations for the Pandemic Treaty (a.k.a. Pandemic Agreement), negotiators were unable to deliver a proposed text, with most provisions in the treaty draft still highly contentious. While the WHO announced that “unofficial” negotiations would continue, we are hoping that the worst provisions of the proposed treaty will not be included in any final document.

4. About half a dozen US states have passed or are in the process of passing legislation that denies jurisdiction to the WHO in their states.

5. We try to share the best legal insights and resources. Our engagement with legal professionals has been instrumental in shaping our strategies and advocacy efforts. We have compiled a range of resources, including legal analyses, to empower lawyers in navigating the WHO’s challenging legal landscape. The WHO does not come under the jurisdiction of any court; all its officials have diplomatic immunity; and 85% of its budget comes from donors rather than members’ dues.

The WHO does not obey its own rules.  Attorney Silvia Behrendt has challenged the WHO regarding its legal obligation to share drafts of the IHR amendments 4 months in advance of a vote, and share the final draft of the pandemic treaty 6 weeks in advance of its consideration: link

Additionally, we would like to make you aware of attorney Philipp Kruse’s extensive evidence collection for fielding COVID cases: link

6. Public Awareness: We have been actively engaged in raising public awareness and mobilizing grassroots support through rallies, informational campaigns, international outreach, interviews and with our website. Our collaboration with activists and organizations globally has been invaluable in amplifying the message and getting it to lawmakers.

Furthermore, recent developments, such as the UK’s claimed refusal to sign the global vaccine treaty, and insightful analyses exposing the WHO’s misrepresentations further underscore the importance of our collective efforts in challenging the WHO.
– Link to the Reuters article on the UK’s refusal: link
– Link to David Bell’s article on WHO lies: link

7. We have worked with attorneys, members of Congress and Parliamentarians to devise strategies for raising awareness in Parliaments worldwide, and encouraging national governments to see the treaties for what they really are: a global power grab, not a healthcare program, and we encourage governments to refuse to go along.
– Link to What Can Parliamentarians Do? link
– Link to “10 Tips for Lawmakers” link

8. Activist and Political Engagement: We have actively collaborated with organizations around the world: briefing leaders in Japan, Australia, Russia, Iceland, and many other countries, and providing in-person talks in the parliaments of Europe (Brussels), England, Ireland, Norway, Italy, Croatia, Romania, and Estonia to mobilize worldwide support.  We held a 3 hour symposium for Congress on the WHO, hosted by Senator Ron Johnson with 8 expert presenters, and have met with many members of Congress.

Our collective efforts have been instrumental in raising public awareness and galvanizing action on a local to a global scale.

Furthermore, we are pleased to share a very recent open letter from the Third World Network (TWN), signed by 161 NGOs, which exposes the WHO Director-General’s repeated falsehood that the WHO’s treaty efforts are “member-led,” when they are instead being rammed through by WHO bureaucrats.
– Link to TWN’s open letter: link

9. Call to Action: Now more than ever, it is imperative that we unite across all our differences and stand together on the critical issues of whether we will retain autonomy over our own bodies, our own healthcare, and our own nation–or whether we will cede authority to the WHO–an issue that impacts us all. Can we stop the reckless plan to establish a lending library of pandemic pathogens? Can we stop the creeping surveillance and censorship?  

We can start right now at the global level, at the WHO in Geneva, and after that, flush with victory, we can finish the job by rooting out similar laws and policies in our state and national governments.

We urge parliamentarians, leaders, activists and all concerned citizens to join forces in ending these initial steps toward a one world government.

  • Tell your government officials you do not want the WHO managing the internal affairs of governments or infringing the rights of citizens.
  • Demand parliamentary ratification of any pandemic preparedness treaty.
  • Demand an end to gain-of-function research, the WHO’s “pathogen access and benefit sharing system” and its BioHub pathogen library.

Our website contains extensive information to help you get educated and spread your knowledge, but please contact us if we can assist your efforts in any way.

If you would like to help us safeguard our rights and freedoms and continue our impactful work, please donate here.

Warm regards,

Meryl Nass, for the Door to Freedom Team

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