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Door to Freedom is rolling out a campaign in the US to educate policymakers and the public on the WHO’s plans to govern health worldwide, especially during pandemics.

The way the WHO hopes to accomplish this is through two treaties that are coming up for a vote during the last week of May.  The WHO has been co-opted to start the process of centralizing the powers of 194 governments, under the guise of health, in one place.  The EU, G20, G7, World Bank, US federal government and UN all agree with this plan.

In a nutshell, if approved, these documents would give the WHO the power to tell nations what they must do and what laws they must pass for health, and also to protect the novel concept “One Health,” which includes the health of plants, animals and ecosystems, whose health is to be balanced with human health.[1]

Two laws that are being required are: 

a) Legalizing the EUA process worldwide; in other words, being able to roll out vaccines to a population without going through the arduous process of clinical trials and licensure.  The WHO’s Chief Scientist Jeremy Farrar created the concept of developing vaccines in 100 days and created the NGO CEPI with Bill Gates in 2017 at the World Economic Forum to do so.

b) Creating a liability shield for unlicensed new vaccines

The WHO also wants to host a library of “potential pandemic pathogens” (a euphemism for potential biological warfare agents) which it will share globally, and not only during pandemics, but all the time.  This is a thinly veiled attempt to increase the number of pandemics we will face in future, while making it impossible to know exactly where they came from.  It is a horrendous thought.

There is much more but this should be enough to alert everyone that the plan is very disturbing.

Door to Freedom and Sovereignty Coalition have lots more information, handouts, posters, memes, etc. on our websites.


Our campaign is based around the Constitution’s Tenth Amendment, which says that powers not enumerated to the federal government are reserved for the states and the people.  The management of health care is one of those powers vested in the states.  We seek to have the states assert that they have this Constitutional authority, and do not acquiesce to turning it over to the WHO.  It’s pretty simple.

In fact, in 2022 15 state Attorneys General wrote to the DHHS about its initial attempt to turn over the declaration of public health emergencies to the WHO and said exactly that.  Read their petition here (13 pages): 

or to skim it, read my highlighted version here:

We want statements to come out of the legislatures, the state Attorneys General (AG), and/or the Governors that say this:  that turning over authority for health to the WHO is unlawful and the states will not comply. And then we want to publicize them and give support to other states and nations that are also worried about this effort but don’t want to the first or only state/country that comes out publicly against the WHO.  The US states are in the safest position to be able to do this.

Louisiana’s Senate passed a bill doing this on March 26, 37-0!!! Here is what the simple, clear Louisiana bill says:

We have a model resolutionbut state legislators can also write their own.  About ten resolutions that include a prohibition on following WHO directives are already sitting in state legislatures.  We’d like to get them into every legislature, get them passed, and we want to help you educate legislators and the public about what is at stake.

We would also like the AGs to come out publicly about this, as they are the top legal official in each state.  We have a model letter they can sign or they can write their own.  We want to publicize them.  The AGs came together on several issues lately, including to support the right of Texas to control its own borders and they sunk the terrible proposal to establish Natural Asset Corporations. We hope the Republican Attorneys General can come together on the WHO as well.

We want to work closely with state leaders to get this accomplished or attempted (which will serve the purpose of educating about the threat) and need your help.  Contact us so that we may work together on this.  I am available to meet with leaders weekly on calls to get this accomplished. We have a staff.  Remember, our deadline is May 27, 2024.

Please work with us!

Meryl Nass, MD


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